Native American DNA Study of the Virginias

This group is found on Facebook to allow those inside the Gedmatch Ancestor Project component to interact. We focus on Chromosome Mapping with Admixture to highlight and prove our Native American ancestry.

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Toronyai Surname Research Group

This is a Y-DNA research group focused on the surname Toronyai and all its variants: Toronyi, Toronya, Tornai, Tornay, Torney, Tornyi, etc. The origin of this surname falls along Carpathian Mountain range. There is a Facebook group available to socialize and share, as we seek more information about the many family branches.

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Schieman/Szyman/Szymanski DNA Research Project

This is a Y-DNA study for families consisting of the Schieman family and all the spelling variants. This family is found heavily in Poland and Germany. We also collect at-DNA for extended researching, in an effort to connect the many families in the region. We welcome all with an interest in this family. DNA test funding assistance is available for the Y-DNA component.

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Amerindian DNA Study of VA

The focus of this study is mt-DNA of the direct female lineages descending from Ka-Okee, Pocahontas, and related women of the tribes of Virginia. There is a Y-DNA component for various surnames related to the apparent Native American families associated those named above. In addition, we have an autosomal DNA component for an admixture study of the descendants.


CBSW DNA Project

Consisting of both Y-DNA and at-DNA components, this group can be found on Facebook and is managed on both Gedmatch Ancestor Projects and FamilyTreeDNA. While the social group is small on that platform, the database is extensive. This group serves the descendants of Baird and NaeSmyth descendants worldwide. We are constantly seeking more direct male-line Bairds and NaeSmyths for the Y-DNA portion, and at-DNA kits uploading into Gedmatch for all descendants, male and female, no matter how far back in time your connection.

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Berghaier/Bergheier/Bergheyer Family Research Group

A family research group for Berghaier cousins around the globe. There is a Facebook group set up for socializing and sharing. There are Y-DNA and at-DNA components to this study group as well.

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Allied Families of Peebles-shire Bairds, NaeSmyths & Scots Highsmiths

An at-DNA Study group comprised of Bairds, NaeSmyths and Scots Highsmiths cousins with intertwined ancestry in Lanarkshire and more specifically, Peeblesshire. This small yet targeted study hones in on the genetic segments of ancient Bairds in Posso. The group can be found on Facebook to allow a social component for the participants. 

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