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Anne of the Patawomeck: Wife of William Redmond & Dr. Richard Bryant, Descendants of the, famed or fabled, Ka-Okee, A Case Study, Part 1


Embark on a fascinating journey through time and heritage in "Anne of the Patawomeck," a compelling exploration that weaves together DNA revelations and historical narratives to illuminate the life and legacy of Anne and her intricate web of connections.


At the heart of this narrative is Anne, a figure whose story transcends time and cultural boundaries. Through meticulous DNA analysis and a deep dive into historical records, the author unveils Anne's mixed Amerindian and European heritage, challenging established narratives and offering a fresh perspective on her place in history.


The book delves into Anne's relationships, tracing her lineage from Ka-Okee and Col. Thomas Pettus to William [John] Redmond, the purported orphaned Patawomeck Indian. As the narrative unfolds, readers will witness the convergence of genetic markers on the identified segment for Anne of the Patawomeck, confirming not only her existence but also the richness of her heritage.

The author carefully connects the dots between Anne's descendants, exploring the complex interplay of genetic influences. From the Redman/Redmond lineage to the Meese and Tapp families, the reader is taken on a captivating journey through generations, unraveling the tapestry of connections that define Anne's enduring legacy.


"Anne of the Patawomeck" is more than a genealogical exploration; it's a celebration of resilience, diversity, and the enduring spirit of a woman whose story transcends the boundaries of time. Join us on a quest to unveil the hidden chapters of Anne's life and the threads that bind her to the rich tapestry of American history.


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Anne of the Patawomeck - Part 1

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