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Zebulon: Deciphering the Many Zebulon Bairds, A Guide Through the Generations, will make an excellent addition to your Baird family resource collection!


It’s a difficult feat to research the Baird family in America and not come upon someone named Zebulon. More directly, it’s not uncommon to research any particular Zebulon Baird and find his source records merged with two, three, and even four other men of the same name. Hence, the need for this book. This book examines forty separate Zebulon Bairds and Zebulon namesakes associated with the Baird family, in an effort to properly source each individual.


The value of this book comes in the fact that it is half compiled with short biographical sketches for each of the forty individuals, but also fifty percent comprised of source citations. This is a resource book designed to untangle the twisted branches of our Baird family trees.

In addition to biographical sketches and source citations, you will find the correct ancestral lineage of each individual. For those that continue to suffer brick walls, there are suggested “next steps” to help assist future researchers find their way.


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Zebulon: Deciphering the Many Zebulon Bairds - Paperback

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